Downloadable Child Support Calculator, Worksheets and Support Guidelines Below

The new Georgia Child Support Guidelines, O.C.G.A. § 19-6-15, went into effect on January 1, 2007.

You must have Microsoft Excel 2000 or newer to use this child support calculator. This calculator is not compatible with Corel Quattro Pro or other spreadsheet software programs.

First Release of the Calculator Now Available
The First release of the downloadable child support calculator is now available. The web-based version is not yet ready for release. Please visit this web-site often for updates or release information concerning the web-based and Excel calculators.

The downloadable Child Support Calculator is a Microsoft Excel workbook that includes:

1. Start Here
2. BCSO, the Basic Child Support Obligation Table
3. CS Worksheet, the Child Support Worksheet
4. Schedule A - Gross Income
5. Schedule B - Adjusted Income
7. Schedule D - Additional Expenses
8. Schedule D Supplemental Tables, 2, 3 & 4
9. Schedule E - Deviation (Special Circumstances)
10. Schedule E Supplemental Tables, 2, 3 & 4

How It Works
You'll begin with reviewing the information under the "Start Here" tab. This will help you make sure that your computer has the Analysis Tool Pak enabled and gives you the basic steps to enter data. Begin your calculation by going to the CS Worksheet tab and entering your information. Yellow fields can have information entered, while white (locked) fields will not allow entry of information and are locked so that you may not change their contents. You may progress through the fields by pressing the 'Tab' button on your keyboard.

The next step is to complete Schedule A, where you will enter the gross income of yourself and the other party if known. Information you enter on Schedule A (and all other Schedules) will automatically populate the Worksheet. After completing Schedule A, proceed to Schedules B, D, and Schedule E, if applicable.

After you have completed all the necessary fields, you may save the document to your hard drive for later reference. You might choose to name the file by the case number or name of a party so that it has a unique file name. Then, simply print the Worksheet when needed to your local printer.

Benefits of This Calculator
This version of the Child Support Calculator has several benefits:

1. Does not require an Internet connection (except to download).
2. Allows the user to visualize the worksheets as they are completed.
3. A file for each case can be saved separately and reopened and modified if necessary.
4. Allows the user to try different numbers and scenarios with ease when calculating child support obligation.

How to Download
To download this version of the Child Support Calculator, simply right-click on one of the links below , select 'Save Target As' from the context menu that appears, and then choose a location on your computer where you can easily access the file (suggestions: your desktop, your My Documents folder, etc.).

1 - Download the Georgia Child Support Worksheet - IXL

2 - Downloadable Excel Child Support Worksheet with Data Entry Forms - IXL

3 - Downloadable Standard Paper Worksheet - PDF

4 - Downloadable EZ Paper Worksheet - PDF

5 - Download the GA Child Support Guidelines - PDF

6 - Companion Guide to Child Support Workshee - PDF

Support award amounts may vary from the amounts displayed based on Georgia Guidelines (O.C.G.A. 19-6-15).

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