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johns creek family lawyersIf you are going through a divorce, are getting married soon, or are in the middle of other family law matters, you need an experienced family law attorney on your side. Our lawyers are ready to guide you through the situation you are facing so you can focus on your family. We have made it our mission to assist you in moving forward, to protect and maintain your parent-child relationships, and to attain a financial result that is fair.

Contact us today at (404) 688-8810 to speak with a Kessler & Solomiany, LLC attorney about your case and your options. Selecting a family law attorney is a major decision as you navigate this time in your life. When you choose Kessler & Solomiany, LLC, you can put your mind at ease knowing we have your best interests in mind.

Types of Family Law Cases We Take On

Our areas of focus in domestic law include mediation, pretrial litigation, trial litigation, prelitigation, custody evaluations, pre-marriage, and post-divorce issues. We have a depth of experience in high-profile divorces, and we understand the unique considerations involved. The types of cases we handle include:

  • DivorceIf your marriage is ending, you need to consult a family law attorney as soon as possible. While this may be a difficult, tense, and emotional time, an experienced family lawyer will help you achieve the best possible outcome in your divorce. Your property, finances, assets, and even matters relating to your children are all on the line. Whether your situation is amicable or hostile, you need an attorney to make sure you come away from the divorce with what is rightfully yours.
  • Child Custody and VisitationIf you are going through a divorce and you have children, you need to be aware of how child custody and visitation will affect your family. Your children’s physical, emotional, and educational needs must be considered. Whether you are seeking sole custody or joint custody, what matters most are the details of your custody arrangement. This will be legally binding, and many of the ways the arrangement can impact your future may not be clear to you until later. It is critical that you speak with an attorney to understand how to best protect your children.
  • Child Support – If your marriage is ending and you share children with your spouse, you need to consider how child support will affect you and your children. Parents are required to support their children, and support includes a monetary component. Whether or not either parent is entitled to receive child support from the other parent depends on many factors. You need an experienced attorney to assess your situation so you can know what to expect as you move forward.
  • MediationIf you are facing a divorce and your situation is relatively amicable, you may benefit from mediation. A mediator essentially acts as a facilitator to help both sides reach an agreement while understanding the legal implications of the terms of the settlement. Mediation generally provides more control over results and is less costly than going to trial. It can also offer a more cordial beginning to post-divorce life for both sides since court battles are often confrontational.
  • Pre/Postnuptial AgreementsIf you are getting married soon, you owe it to yourself and your spouse to consider a prenuptial agreement that is created before the wedding vows. Every couple can benefit from this type of agreement, no matter the assets or net worth you each bring to the marriage. These legal instruments can provide invaluable protection to your property if the marriage should end. Regrettably, realizing that a prenuptial agreement was needed often occurs only when it is too late. A postnuptial agreement is similar, although it is created after the marriage begins.
  • Legitimation and PaternityIf either parent of a child is uncertain of who the biological father is or if the child was born outside of a marriage, you may need to establish paternity and legitimation. For the father, legitimation can provide rights for legal custody and visitation. For the mother and the child, establishing paternity can clarify legal responsibility and allow the mother to pursue child support from the biological father.
  • Restraining & Protective OrdersIf you feel that you may need protection from an abusive spouse or ex, you should consider restraining and protective orders. These may apply in situations when there is a history of physical violence or any touching, pushing, or restraining a person against their will. If you are wondering whether you should ignore your situation or if it is serious, you should speak with an attorney today to protect yourself and your family.

Why Should You Choose Kessler & Solomiany, LLC?

johns creek divorce lawyerWe are intimately familiar with family law in the state of Georgia. Our team of attorneys has over 30 years of experience representing individuals just like you in Johns Creek and the surrounding area. The relationships we have built across that time, and the cases we have handled have given us a wealth of knowledge that we will bring to your case. Our reputation is built on getting results as we serve our clients with professionalism.

The true test of whether a client chose the right lawyer is in the quality of their experience. Would the client recommend them to their own friends and family? Were they open and honest, providing guidance along the way to avoid surprises? Did they keep their promises and do what they said they would do? The trust of our clients is our greatest source of pride. Don’t take our word for it:  our previous satisfied clients are our best endorsement.

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We know that this is a time that is sensitive and emotional, especially when there are children involved. We understand that you may have many questions and concerns. We have compiled answers to some of the most common questions we receive here.

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