Our Private Courtroom

Kessler & Solomiany, LLC has taken extraordinary measures to preserve its clients’ confidence and safety. We have a state-of-the-art, in-house courtroom. Our courtroom is fully appointed with a raised judge’s bench as well as a jury box, witness station, court reporter station, counsel and client tables, moveable podium for counsel, private witness preparation/waiting rooms, private kitchen, and private copying room. Our courtroom can be used for private judging, arbitrations, mediations, depositions and to prepare for a trial, hearing, deposition, mediation, or other proceedings.

Rather than presenting a case in a crowded courthouse, many parties choose to hire a private judge to manage the case on schedules coordinated with the parties, the lawyers, and the private judge. The use of Kessler & Solomiany, LLC‘s private courtroom has already helped many clients reach a resolution without ever having to step foot into a public courthouse. Our private courtroom also complies with social distancing guidelines. The judge, witnesses, court reporter, parties, and lawyers can remain safely apart, and we offer Plexiglass shields upon request. Moreover, litigants have the option to appear virtually through our online media center.

We truly hope you will take advantage of this benefit and if a trial is needed, please feel free to discuss with any of our lawyers, the idea of a “private judge” in our private courtroom versus a public trial in a public courthouse.

For more information about the KS Courtroom or about KS Family Law, email us at mail@ksfamilylaw.com or call us at (404) 688-8810. And please feel free to ask for a tour if you are in our office.

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