100,000 followers, really?

Over a year ago LinkedIn invited me to be one of their “Influencers”. I did not know what that meant and at first thought they may want me to pay for the privilege.  They said the world’s most influential people were being invited. People like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Barack Obama. I laughed and knew there must be a catch. But I’ll be darned if there was no catch.  They simply wanted me to share my opinions and perhaps provide the perspective of a family law attorney on topics of their and my choosing.  And it has made me think deeply about things.  Topics they have asked me to write about include what would I advise my 22 year old self, what set me on my career path and other introspective topics.  And I am grateful to LinkedIn for the platform and the prodding. I don’t think my musings are any more relevant or insightful than anyone else’s, but they are mine and I’m glad LinkedIn asked me to share them.  And after more than a year of doing so, I am incredibly flattered and fortunate to now have more than 100,000 followers.

I hope to continue to contribute and explore and read the comments and feedback.  It has truly been an experience and I look forward to continuing this posting journey.  If you want to know what I’m talking about, feel free to check out my posts and feel free to follow me at: