A view on our election, from Mexico

It is eerie to have landed in Mexico as our U.S. presidential election draws to a close. Whatever your personal beliefs, we are in for a very interesting four years, at least on the family law front. Same sex marriage, assisted reproductive technology, women’s right to choose and many other issues are and will be developing over the next four years. And what if new U.S. Supreme Court Justices are appointed? This election has certainly set us on a definite course. Will congress offset or delay it? Who knows, but this will be an interesting decade. Let’s hope our economy rebounds and our country remains the world leader in the areas it has led in historically, freedom, helping the downtrodden and being the symbol of so many great things human beings can accomplish. Whatever your politics, we are a great nation and stronger for these serious debates and discussions. So many of us are interested. So many care. And in so many countries, people have no voice and are resigned to their status quo. Here’s to our country and to our ability to disagree civilly and to be able to campaign hard, and then work together to make all of us better.