An Honor

I have been very fortunate in my life. I have been given many opportunities to help people. Usually it is as a family law attorney. But very soon, the opportunity comes as an honoree of the American Diabetes Association.  I am grateful for the chance to assist the American Diabetes Association by raising awareness (and hopefully money) as they hold their annual “Father of the Year” event.  While I am one of the honorees, the true goal of the evening for me and the other Fathers being recognized is to help us inch (or maybe more optimistically “mile”) forward towards reducing, and one day curing diabetes.

If you are able to attend, are able to support, or are just curious about the event or diabetes, please click here for all the information about the June 14, 2012 event and about the American Diabetes Association. Also, if I have done this right, you should be able to open the invite by clicking on the following: 2012 Invitation Proof.  I am looking forward to the event and most importantly, to spending time there with my family and friends, all for a great cause.