Braves, Red Sox Collapse. Is there a lesson?

Where’s the silver lining? Maybe that in life, you should never give up? I think so. That’s the optimist in me. As a divorce lawyer, every day I see people who feel their life is collapsing. Baseball is, in the end, just a game. But what did we learn?

The Braves and the Sox, both leaders in the wild card playoff race for the last month, each faltered in ninth inning of the last game of the season. They each only needed to finish off the ninth with the lead of 3-2 they had going into it. Too weird and too sad. But this is, unfortunately a year to remember (since it will be impossible to forget).

But just as in life, there is always next year. In fact, growing up a New Orleans Saints fan, we usually came to understand this after the first few games of every season. And look what happened! It took 47 years, but we won the Superbowl. Time heals all wounds and for Red Sox and Braves’ fans, this too shall pass.