Child support lawsuit against Bears’ Briggs close to settlement

Lawyers continue to exchange barbs

By Michael Higgins
Bears linebacker Lance Briggs may be close to settling a child support lawsuit that the mother of his 8-month-old daughter filed against him last year, lawyers for both sides said Wednesday. But the case continues to provide legal fireworks.

The lawyer for Brittini Tribbett, the mother of Briggs’ child, said Wednesday he thinks Briggs was not truthful at a deposition about four months ago when he says Briggs denied knowing a pregnant South Side woman.

“He simply said he didn’t know her,” said Enrico Mirabelli, Tribbett’s attorney. “I believe that he did, and when he said that twice under oath, it was not correct.”
“Mr. Briggs did not make any incorrect statements at his deposition,” said his attorney, Anita Ventrelli. She would not comment further about the deposition.

Mirabelli said he argued Wednesday at a hearing in Cook County Circuit Court that he should be allowed to question the pregnant woman under oath about whether she knows Briggs. Mirabelli said no date for the deposition has been set and the case may settle before the deposition takes place.

Tribbett, a student at Loyola, filed a paternity suit against Briggs in October, alleging he inadequately supported his daughter and impregnated two other women while Tribbett was expecting.

Randall Kessler, one of Briggs’ attorneys, said at the time that Briggs had contributed far more money than Tribbett claimed, paying thousands of dollars in medical, condo and car rental expenses.