Court order for actor comedian Mike Epps

Continuing in family news, I have a court order in my hand for actor and comedian Mike Epps , who is said to have fathered a woman’s child in Georgia. The baby was born on December 15, 2007 and so far Mike has refused the mother’s request for him to take a paternity test to confirm if he is the father or not. Mike Epps has not only refused to take a paternity test he is also refused to provide any financial support to the child. According the Randy Kessler, the woman’s attorney, Epps has not denied having sex with the woman in a relevant time period. Once it is proved that Mike Epps is the father Kessler says he is ready to move forward with his case against Mike . Well, Mike might as well get his checkbook out now because it he is the father Randy Kessler is going to see to it that he has to pay a hunk and a chuck for turning his back on his little un wanted bundle of joy.