Divorce lawyer goes to New Orleans, why?

Why would I be going to New Orleans for the Super Bowl?  Well, even though there are certainly many business related benefits such as seeing clients, their agents and advisors, and while this is also the “place to be” this weekend, the honest reason is that it is home.  And New Orleans, where I grew up, is always having a party.  I have been asked why not go home when it’s quiet?  Well, New Orleans is never quiet.  And I do go at other times.  And there are business reasons to go, and introductions and connections to make, too.  But there’s something about not being in New Orleans when something big is happening there.

Will it be good for business? I imagine so. I will meet many people and make more connections and if and when a family lawyer is needed, maybe our firm will be called upon to help. But more importantly, it is home.  I will stay with my family, go to a parade or two, eat crawfish and King Cake and listen to great music.  And by the way, I may just happen to see a great game.  But no matter the outcome, a trip to New Orleans, is always fun, and this one should be as well.