Facebook Plays Big Role In Divorce

How Do You Protect Your Marriage?

By JOCELYN CONNELL, CBS Atlanta Reporter

ATLANTA — A new study released this week said social networking sites, primarily Facebook, contribute to up to 20% of divorces. That’s one in five marriages.

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers surveyed American divorce lawyers.

“Facebook just allows people that opportunity to go out there because they’re curious, or they are looking for something maybe more than their spouse is giving them, and it might start out innocently, but it’s really a Pandora’s box for a lot of clients,” said David Sarif, an attorney with Kessler, Schwarz, & Solomiany, PC in Atlanta.

A CBS Atlanta employee, who wished to keep his identity anonymous, said his longtime girlfriend broke-up with him after reconnecting with a college friend on Facebook.

“I can’t say Facebook was the cause of our break-up, but it definitely was a catalyst,” he said.

So what can you do to protect your marriage?

Sarif said he gives his wife total access to his personal Facebook page.

“My Facebook is an open page to her. She can have my password at any time, log in, and same thing with her,” said Sarif.

Experts also suggest listing your spouse’s name in your profile and uploading pictures of the two of you together. Also make sure your time online doesn’t interfere with quality time intended for your spouse.