GA Family Law Institute a Success

The annual Georgia Family Law Institute just ended. I am relieved and sad (that it is over). As Chair of the Institute, it was my job to plan the three day program. I think it was well received and I know I learned a lot. Each morning about fifteen Georgia judges presented sample opening statements or closing arguments. Some were emotional pleas for relief, others were straight, to the point outlines of the facts and relief sought while yet others made great use of humor to drive home what should, and perhaps more importantly what should not be done. The overriding theme, as one judge put it, was to follow the advice of The Spice Girls and “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want”.

There were other great speakers including Patricia Apy educating us about International Custody Issues (she was the successful lawyer in the Brazil custody case), John Mayoue discussing the status of DOMA and gay marriage and Mark Sullivan who wrote the book on military divorce. All in all it was a great weekend for the approximately 500 lawyers and judges who came. In fact, it was wonderful. I can’t wait for next year’s Institute.