Why did Al and Tipper wait?

As a divorce lawyer, I could give you a thousand possible reasons. But what intrigues me is how much America is interested. While it may seem strange for a couple near or past retirement age to separate, in actuality it is very common. The pressures that often keep a couple together (young children, insufficient assets to support separate households, concern that the non working spouse will have to now work) are less present in older couples. There are thousands of people who consider or desire a divorce, but cannot and will not do it for fear of raising children in two separate homes or for fear of being left in a financially desperate condition. Once these people reach retirement age, retirement accounts may be accessible penalty free, the kids may live in other cities and all the reasons not to divorce may be gone. But the reason they considered and contemplated divorce often remains. Different views on life, different dreams and even different lifestyles may not only remain, but become more visible and relevant. Divorcing at age 50, 60, 70 or 80 is becoming more common and who are we to judge?