How to Choose a Good Divorce Mediator

Choosing a good mediator during a divorce is essential. They are the person who will help you and your spouse negotiate child custody, alimony, and other sensitive issues. You should be able to trust them and feel comfortable with their methods.

There are multiple factors to consider while searching for a suitable divorce mediator. Below are the top factors you should include in your decision-making.


One of the most important qualities of a divorce mediator is trustworthiness. You must trust them to provide guidance and sound advice during the complicated process. Although mediation can iron out divorce terms and resolve issues between you and your spouse, it’s stressful and emotional.

You should feel comfortable with your mediator. They should be someone you can talk to openly about your feelings, needs, and wants during negotiations. They should also encourage you to make informed decisions instead of pressuring you into a resolution you’re uncomfortable with.

You should also trust the process. Mediators take different approaches while resolving disputes during divorces. The mediator you pick should describe how they handle mediation. If you ask questions, they shouldn’t have trouble answering.


When you meet a mediator for an initial consultation, confirm their experience. You should ask if they dedicate their time to divorce cases. A mediator is most effective if they have experience in one practice area. They will likely know the strategies they can use to suggest mutually beneficial solutions and produce a favorable result.

Dabbling in multiple practice areas might mean they’re not as knowledgeable about divorces and skilled in resolving those issues. Infrequently handling divorce mediation doesn’t give mediators the necessary experience to correctly address the matter at hand and facilitate productive conversations between the parties.


Good mediators have education in dispute resolution. They also undergo mediation training. When someone focuses their education on dispute resolution, they care about the people they work with. It’s about more than adding another service to their practice to make money. They want to help divorcing couples reach an agreement and avoid time-consuming and costly litigation.

You should ask prospective mediators about their training. If you meet with a lawyer and they tell you they don’t need training because of their law degree, they’re not the right fit for you. Mediation is a specialized area requiring specific knowledge and skills.

Someone with a certification, advanced degree, or substantial training in dispute resolution has dedicated their time to learning what they need to know to be an effective mediator. Having a background in law or being a practicing family law attorney is also beneficial. That means they understand the elements of divorce and how to approach the issues that commonly arise.


Mediators often have tried and true formulas for mediating cases. They follow a specific schedule to handle the process effectively and efficiently. However, using the same method for every divorcing couple isn’t beneficial.

A good mediator is willing to be flexible. They should handle each mediation on a case-by-case basis. They’re open to suggestions and welcome necessary changes in the schedule. Mediators should allow the participating parties to make certain decisions that can lead to a successful mediation.

Will Make Ongoing Contact

Some mediations work but require more than one session before the parties can agree on the terms of a divorce. You should know ahead of time whether the mediator you hire emphasizes ongoing communication with each party. Picking someone who follows up with you and your spouse after the first session to get a second one on the books is crucial. They should encourage another meeting as soon as possible to finalize the details and close out the case.

When a mediator maintains contact with each party, it shows they care. They’re genuine about reaching a positive result so the divorcing spouses can move forward with their lives. You don’t want to attend one mediation and wait weeks or months before the next one. Promptly wrapping up the issues is important to you and should also be important to the mediator.

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