KS Family Law Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

By Randall M. Kessler
KS Family Law, LLC

Photos of Family Law’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

By Randall M. Kessler, Founding Partner of KS Family Law

It is hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since we opened our doors on the 35th floor of what was at the time known as 101 Marietta Tower (now known as Centennial Tower). We shared space with other lawyers and jointly used the one conference room and one copy machine (we now have 6 conference rooms and 3 giant copier/print centers). We had two phone lines (we now have 20 landlines). We had a physical fax machine and the only mail was the U.S. Mail so we waited patiently every day, including Saturdays, to see what the mail brought, custody orders our clients were desperately awaiting, checks, bills and lawyers letters advancing cases along their path. We had to go downstairs to get a drink and now have two kitchens and dining areas. We have grown. When “we” started it was me alone, but very soon thereafter (2 months) we added a paralegal (truly my “right arm”), then a lawyer, then another and another until we reached at some times, 16 lawyers, 7 paralegals, office managers, in house I.T. staff, law clerks and billing directors. Yes we have grown, but more importantly than our growth in quantity has been our growth in quality. We have invested in quality individuals (and quality technology) and are so lucky to have some of the best lawyers and staff there are.

And yes we have been lucky. We have been hired by so many wonderful clients who needed us (and we needed them). We formed so many relationships over the years, with our clients, with opposing counsel, with judges, psychologists, accountants and even lawyers, accountants and judges across the country through the ABA and other national organizations with whom we collaborate. We truly have become thoroughly entrenched in our chosen field of family law. We are confident that our hard work and effort is performed in a sincere effort to enhance and improve our clients’, and their children’s, future. What a privilege to be able to help families through crises.

And the good news? We are hungry and eager to continue our work and to help more people. We have young lawyers and more seasoned ones. We have staff that has years of experience in family law and who thrive on the fact that they come to work each day hoping to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives. We are so lucky and want to express our thanks to those who have hired us, those with whom we have worked, lawyers on the other side, judges who have helped resolve cases we could not get settled, experts who have assisted our clients, mediators who brought their heart and brains to bear on difficult cases, everyone who has ever been a part of our firm and everyone who has ever passed through our doors. We so appreciate you and we look forward to the next twenty-five years of serving the family law needs of this great community, state and nation. Thank you, and here’s to the next 25 years!