Mr. Kessler was interviewed by local CBS TV about the Ashley Madison data breach

By Christian De La Rosa
Mr. Kessler was interviewed by local CBS TV about the Ashley Madison data breach – Atlanta – Divorce Lawyer – Family Law – Atlanta Georgia

The fallout over the hack that hit the cheating website continues following the leak of stolen information earlier this week.

There are questions over the possible use of Atlanta area government email addresses used to open accounts on the site.

CBS46 News has confirmed the government of the City of Atlanta is investigating whether seven of its email domains may have been used by employees to get on the site.

So are officials in Dekalb County and the City of Marietta.

“It does not shock me at all,” said Divorce Attorney Randy Kessler who’s currently working cases stemming from the hack connected to the site.

“As a tax payer I don’t want to pay for their government email address but you know I could see why they wouldn’t want their private email address to be used, they don’t want to be traced and they’re more worried about the reaction from their spouse than their employer,” said Kessler.

“Human beings, are human beings, whether you work for the government, whether you work for religious institutions, whether you’re a spokesperson for Subway,” Kessler added.

Friday, hackers threatened to release more information from at least 32 million of the site’s users, including real names, profiles and sexual fantasies.

The site’s own list of top cheating neighborhoods in the greater Atlanta area may give some insight into where this hack will hit the hardest.

Topping the list of most Ashley Madison subscribers are Buckhead, Ormewood Park, Decatur, Sandy Springs and Snellville according to the site’s 2015 cheating neighborhood map.

Ashley Madison is a site that encourages infidelity among married and unmarried men and women with the slogan “Life is too short. Have an affair.”