This week, family law attorney, and my boss from 1989-1991, Pamela Tremayne, passed away. Pamela offered me employment when I was a very young lawyer, in my mid-twenties. To work with her was very appealing to me since she was a former teacher, and I had much to learn. Pamela taught me the importance of bar involvement (her father had been a leader in the St. Louis Bar). It was a very small firm (Pamela and I, and then one other lawyer, Kit Carson). We all learned from each other. I tried my first (and only) personal injury jury trial while with her firm, yet the majority of my work was in domestic relations. Pamela was a stickler for details and grammar and that made me a better lawyer. When it came time to part ways, we remained friends and have ever since. In fact, just next week we were scheduled to present together on a panel in Cabo, Mexico at the Sports and Entertainment Law seminar we attend every year. I am sorry she will not be there, she will be missed.

I probably never thanked her sufficiently for what she contributed to my limited success as a lawyer, so Pamela, thank you, I wish I had told you more often how grateful I was for the opportunity you gave me. And I hope I remember to thank anyone and everyone else who has helped me in life and in my career. Not to do so would be a further tragedy.