Special rules for special people


AJC reporter Bill Rankin has a nice breakdown on the issues surrounding House Speaker Glenn Richarson’s secret divorce filings.

Randy Kessler, an Atlanta divorce lawyer, said he has received requests from clients for “the Glenn Richardson divorce,” meaning getting the case sealed right after it is filed. “But then we have to explain to them that we just can’t do it,” he said….

“I don’t have a beef with him trying to keep his private life private,” (Atlanta attorney Shiel) Edlin said of the speaker. “The problem is that he seemed to do it in an unprecedented manner. I will be extremely interested to see if the courts grant him the power to seal it.”

It seems to me that the judge in the case — a buddy and former law partner of Richardson — has been doing some of that there “judicial activism,” making the law say what he wants it to say. But hey, what do I know? (Don’t answer that — although I know you guys won’t be able to resist.)