The Champ goes back in Fayette courtroom


While talks continue about former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield returning to the boxing ring in December, he could be back in a Fayette County courtroom much sooner.

According to Randy Kessler, attorney for Toi Irvin– the mother of one of Holyfield’s children– an Oct 22 court date has been set in Fayette County Superior Court, to allow Holyfield to answer claims by Kessler that he has not complied with his financial responsibilities set down by a consent order.

And this time, Kessler says, he’s ready to ask the court to require Holyfield to comply with the terms or be incarcerated.

Kessler claims that Holyfield agreed to a court order on July 9, requiring him to do certain things regarding the couple’s young son and child support.

Among other requirements, Kessler said, Holyfield had until Sept. 1 to pay Kessler’s firm $4,500 to cover legal fees incurred by Irvin in getting Holyfield to pay the unpaid child support and ensure a college and education trust for the child was in place and funded.

The consent order, signed by Judge Chris Edwards also required Holyfield to make timely child support payments, reinstate the child’s health insurance, and cover a private school bill.

“Despite many letters and phone calls to his lawyer, he has not paid our fees, has not agreed to pay for private school and has not funded the trust all of which he is required to do,” said Kessler.

Holyfield, who lives in Fayette County, is required to pay $3,000 per month in child support
According to court documents, Holyfield paid the $9,000 in back child support in July.

According to Kessler and court documents, Irvin took Holyfield to court in 2003 after moving to Georgia from Texas, to have the child support payments increased from $2,000.

“After a week-long jury trial in Fayette County Superior Court, the payments were increased to $3,000 a month,” Kessler said.

Attorneys for Holyfield could not be reached.