Upcoming Family Law Seminars

It has been a busy year already for seminar presentations.  I have presented at a few already, most recently one for the Georgia Bar on media and the law, focusing on the new same sex legal issues surfacing in Georgia and elsewhere.  And this month I will be presenting at three more (the brochures can be accessed here: SAME SEX LEGAL ISSUES; GENERAL PRACTICE AND TRIAL INSTITUTE; WINNING SETTLEMENT STRATEGIES )  One of the seminars is an update on the newest family law cases.  Another is how to effectively settle a family law case, while the third is an entire seminar devoted to same sex legal issues.  If you are a lawyer who practices family law, these seminars may be for you, but more importantly, if you are a general practitioner, at least two of these (and hopefully all three) should be right up your alley as they are basically framed as presentations on family law for the general practitioner.  But the biggest beneficiary is me. Preparing the papers and PowerPoints for these programs, and then actually presenting them keeps me fresh.  Now that my chairmanship of the family law sections of the American Bar Association and the Georgia Bar are behind me, this seems to be the best way for me to stay current and to benefit our firm and our firm’s clients.  I actually enjoy working on programs like these as they force me to look at the big picture, to survey Georgia (and U.S.) law and to have a good feel for trends and directions in which the law may be heading.  If you have suggestions for things, cases, issues to be included in any of these programs or others, please let me know, especially if you are aware of a new law, case, strategy or issue which might be relevant to share with the audience.  Thanks in advance for your help.