Young lawyers rest assured, there is work for you.

Today a young lawyer met with me to ask for help starting her own law firm. While I still consider myself a “start-up” and love to learn about business, it reminded me of some things I think are true (and which I told her). Some of these thoughts include the fact that people need lawyers; they really need lawyers. While the public may not think highly of lawyers, opinions often change (for the better) when a lawyer is hired and the client sees a good lawyer at work. But most importantly, as I said to the young lawyer, is that it can be done. A law practice can be built and can flourish, with nothing more than hard work and a dedication to integrity. It may take time, but lawyers’ reputations are their most valuable commodity and reputations are not gained overnight.

And the most important thing that I think a young lawyer can do to help themselves? Ask questions. Ask those who have established a practice and most importantly, those you respect. Good lawyers want to help. Not only their clients, but the bar in general (since that will trickle down and hopefully help all clients). I hope I was able to help her, but I know she will be fine, if for no other reason than because she had, and has the initiative to ask the right questions and to succeed.