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Forensic Accounting in Family Law

I have been learning a lot about Forensic Accounting in Family Law lately. I have been to three or four seminars in the last few months across the country for accountants and business valuation experts. Boy is there a lot to learn. So perhaps the best tool is the one I received in the mail today from my friend Miles Mason. It is his brand new book “The Forensic Accounting Deskbook, A Practical Guide to Financial Investigation and Analysis for Family Lawyers” (read more about it, or order it, by clicking here).

Miles has a way of making complicated and complex ideas easy to understand. When we as divorce lawyers are confronted with numbers and tax issues and valuation concepts which may be foreign to us, we can now simply refer to this handbook. Of course I will almost always hire a forensic accountant as well, but knowing the jargon and the concepts is vital to understanding the issues and helping our clients.

I highly recommend this guidebook.