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Technology and Family Law

Today I served as Co-Chair for the Institute of Continuing Legal Education’s Georgia Technology Seminar (click here for a link to the program agenda). Steve Best, the Co-Chair really did all the work. He put the program together and invited the speakers, etc. So what did I do? I learned. I spoke a little on how technology is useful in a family law practice, but mainly, I learned. Chairing, speaking at or even simply attending continuing legal education seminars always offers a chance to learn and improve.

I learned that I should blog more often. I learned that we are really just in the beginning stages of understanding how much technology can improve our law practices, and more importantly, our lives.

It was also a time to reflect. I have chaired this program for about ten years. When I was first involved, many attendees did not have email and most did not have a website. How far we have come!

It seems much of the focus of the program was on remote computing, in addition to good law office management. Remote computing! What a concept. Computing as a concept is not new. But working on your primary computer, from any location? That is amazing, and common today. Today lawyers can really focus on what they do best, advise. They need not wait for a letter to come in the mail, or even by facsimile. They know what their clients want, not just because of cell phones, email and texting, but also because voice mail allows a client to let the lawyer hear the tone of their voice (and how desparate they may be).

The tips included how to talk into your cell phone and then receive an MSWord version of the document you dictated to your phone five minutes ago. Or how to translate, by simply speaking to your phone, and having it repeat it back, in another language! The materials for the program are probably still available, but if you missed it, come next year. And in April the big version is in Chicago, the ABA Techshow. That is one really worth attending.

I can’t wait to see what next year’s program brings. As my grandfather used to say “I was born too early”.